Back to the Land Skillshare #2

20170722_152147_2Join us for our 2nd Back to the Land Skillshare at Talamh at the end of September.
We’ve got practical land skills, gardening, crafts, herbal remedies, discussions and much more planned, as well as (of course) generous helpings of delicious homegrown food.

In the evening we’ll have some sort of shindiggery with music and fire and other such nonsense. Musicians and campers welcome!

We invite you to bring along your skills and ideas to show and share with others. All welcome – if you think you’d have difficulty getting here ask us about help with travel expenses.

Let us know if you’re coming by emailing or call (Abi) on 07340 531506

Back to the Land! Skillshare Day

back to the land flyer2-1We’re having a land based skill sharing day and we want you to come.

Saturday 22nd July, 11am – 6pm

There’ll be a whole load of stuff to learn about and get stuck into, including:
Foraging, Medicinal Herbs and Plants, Woodcarving, Compost, Garden Biodiversity, Harvesting and Preserving… and loads more.

There’ll be a lovely lunch and dinner provided. All activities are free, if you want to camp and stay for the Sunday it’ll cost you an an extra £5.
Kid friendly, but they must have an adult with them.

Please contact or call 07340 531506 to book (we need to know numbers for catering and spaces are limited).

Volunteer Gardening Weekend: April 7th – 9th 2017

polutunelCome and join us in our extensive gardens and polytunnel for some Spring gardening action. We’ve got loads to do to do the final prep for the growing season and we need your help. You’ll get some hands on experience of practical organic gardening, so long as you’re prepared to get your hands and clothes dirty!


We can repay you in lovely food. Accommodation is camping only due to the house fire last year. Please get in touch if you want to come so we have an idea of numbers etc… or call 07340 531506


Community Tree Planting Event, at Talamh Life Centre, Saturday 15th March, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Come and dig in and help plant trees at Talamh!

Talamh is one of the many groups across Scotland to have recently received a free tree pack from the Woodland Trust Scotland to help improve the local environment.

Planting trees is important for creating a diverse ecosystem that will support many wild creatures such as birds and insects, which is why we have chosen trees that produce nuts & berries. Helping improve the environment by planting trees secures healthy and beautiful natural spaces that can be enjoyed for years to come. We would like to make the woodland at Talamh more accessible to the local community, and the first step is to involve people in planting trees so that they can develop a connection with the woodland.

This spring over 200 groups across Scotland are planting trees thanks to the free packs, which have been supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, to enhance their neighbourhood and enrich the local environment. The trees will form flourishing woodland in as little as ten years. All the trees are native, and are sourced and grown in the UK.

Carol Evans, director of the Woodland Trust Scotland said: “It’s fantastic that thanks to supporters including players of People’s Postcode Lottery hundreds of groups across Scotland can improve their local environment. Planting trees is an activity that brings the whole community together.”

Come and help plant some trees to improve the environment and provide food & shelter for wildlife. Please bring waterproofs, warm clothes & wellies

For more information please contact: or phone 07990935228

Squashing Apples & Cutting Willow

Here are some photos of us squashing apples at Talamh. As far as Autumn events go, apple-pressing is by far the most fun, and we’ve still got plenty of apple juice in the freezer and cider in the kitchen (yes it’s fairly suprising we haven’t drank it all yet!). Some of the apples were our own and some were picked from a friend’s orchard down in the Clyde valley. It’s very sweet juice that doesn’t need any sugar added.

Robert Squashing ApplesLots of ApplesXander & Eli Apples

The event was back in October, on the weekend of Halloween. We had a host of lovely volunteers come to help us press the apples with an apple press kindly lent to us by Urban Roots in Glasgow. On the day itself it was mostly pouring with rain, so we set up a marquee in the courtyard with a fire lit next to it, which made the event far more enjoyable for all concerned. Then when dark fell we all painted out faces and had a wee Halloween party in the Library.

Now it’s March, and the willow harvest is finally done! Anna, basket-weaver and former Talamh resident ran a weekend workshop on willow-cutting, which was enjoyed by a group of budding willow-enthusiasts. Here’s some pictures of people in the willow patch and the result of lots of hard work propped up on the wall of the house.

Anna & Robert

Anna & Robert

Cut willow

Cut willow

Eli & willow

Eli & willow

Abi & our Wwoofer Andy

Abi & our Wwoofer Andy

Treasure Island

1st-2nd June 20013

Come to Talamh and dig for Treasure,
join us for the day or the weekend for work,
fun and food….

In exchange for your company and a bit of gentle digging we will be providing delicious food and top class entertainment.

For more information see our facebook page:

Talamh House

Disclaimer – due to austerity measures there may not be any actual treasure

Love ‘The Skeleton Crew’